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The Historic Story of Gambling in Asia

The Far East is a huge hotspot for gambling, infact possibly the largest across the world.Although it is illegal regions, it's played in a great many various forms.
Companies like M88have taken Asia by surprise since the rise in smartphone use.

China may be the place where it is most played, despite being prohibited and it is from China that a lot Asian gambling comes.The first proof of betting in China comes from 700 BC when ivory dominoes were located alongside signs of their use in gambling games.Traditional playing cards, used in many gambling games today, are thought to have come from China around 1200 AD although the details of their history appear to have been lost.Details exist of gambling games being played in China so long ago as 3,000 years.

Betting was seen as a type of amusement in ancient China. It is thought that betting on results of games started around the periods of Xia (2000-1500 B.C.) and Shang (1700-1027 B.C.). The royal dynasties at that time.Originally thought to be a hobby practiced in cities it gradually spread out to countryside areas by 221 BC.Evidently, gambling includes its own troubles, and it was around this early time of the Chinese Dynasties that the 1st gambling issues arose.

Wagering was becoming more popular all over the Chinese nation and beyond and it is believed that that some individuals were actually now using betting as a way to earn money, rather then going out to work for a living.Gambling brings so many issues to a society and can also cross all levels of society, with Chinese government authorities actually stealing from government taxes.Gambling houses as we would think of them, started to arise in the 1850s, but within 100 years the sport was banned in 1949 in China.


Fortune and Chance are huge features of Asian life and because of this it is easy to see why individuals enjoy betting so much.

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