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Internet gambling came as an answer to the wishes of millions of people who wanted to gamble easily and from the comforts of their homes. Around 1994-95 online gambling was introduced. Initially the software companies which made the software for gaming could not perfect it and it took off at a slow pace. Within no time the software companies improved the software and online gambling became a lucrative proposition for many companies.

The improvement carried on and gambling online became a household word. Millions of people started playing casino games online either for pure fun or to earn big bucks. Due to increasing demands, many online casino sites came into existence and made huge profit. Today as it stands, online casino is a big industry which makes tremendous profit and is still growing. It has been estimated that around 2008 the online casinos were making $15 billion profit all over the world.

The countries in the east have the location of a large number of online gambling sites and are profiting hugely from them. Caribbean too has a flourishing trade in online gambling and earns huge revenues every year annually from this industry.

It is United States where internet gambling is facing a lot of trouble. It is a well known fact though that most of the players playing online casino games are from US. The justice department of US had taken an anti online gambling stand for years. Because of such opposition some of the states in US see a ban on gambling whereas some are free to pursue it. For example state of Iowa has earned a huge amount from taxes it levies upon gambling.

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