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Bingo Campaign Boosts British Attendance Figures

The bingo industry in the United Kingdom has been going through several peaks and troughs since its birth back in the 1960s, and in recent years it has certainly been riding on the crest of a wave of popularity; but there is one campaign which has helped to enhance not only this reputation for being a popular activity but also its longevity.

Trends come and go as we all know, across all industries. What is popular today may not be in a few months time and who remembers what was the most popular Christmas present last year for example? Exactly. Bingo is the kind of game which attracts audiences of all ages - both male and female - but halls including those featured on the Two Big Ladies site have been taking a hit in terms of the amount of tax they have been forced to pay as well as the number of customers coming through the door.

Halls in the UK were being forced to pay 20% in tax which was affecting the amount winners were taking home at the end of the evening, and many were being put off by the fact that the taxman was taking away the money they had won - and rightly so. Many believe that money you win should not be taxed, let alone at such a high rate. However, the Boost Bingo campaign which started in January 2014 looked to do something about this rather than voting with their feet like many other players.

The campaign run throughout the UK gathered speed quickly and by the end of February they had not only delivered a petition to Downing Street for the attention of the Chancellor, but racked up more than 300,000 signatures from players all over the country who felt strongly about the amount of tax halls were being forced to pay out. This action also gained the support of more than 50 Members of Parliament (MPs), and Mr Osborne, the Chancellor, announced in his Budget speech delivered in March that the rate would be immediately reduced from 20% to 10%.

Thanks to this move from the Government, the bingo industry in the UK is thriving again with people going back to the bingo halls and even bringing their friends showing that the campaign was a success. There are now a variety of ways to play the game - in its various forms - such as the halls and now mobile devices, and people are taking advantage of the reduced taxes to reignite their love for the pastime.

Bingo is one of the most popular group activities in the country and it is now proving to be the kind of game that companies will go on nights out to attend, while the mobile platforms have opened up new opportunities for people to play at their leisure - either on the daily commute, in the evenings when they’re relaxing at home or on their lunch breaks.

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